Janeris Studios will be showcasing "Faces of Adoption" and would love to tell your story for National Adoption Awareness Month in November. 

Who would be great for this exhibit:

  • Someone who has adopted a child or children from a private agency or foster care

    1. Someone who has a healthy relationship with bio family and would like to be photographed together

    2. Someone who has a unique story to tell about their adoption

    3. Case manager, GAL, lawyer, or judge who has immersed themselves into the adoption community

    4. Birth parents who are not parenting their child

    5. Anyone involved in the adoption community in any way

Janeris Studios is giving each participant a complimentary session and fine art portrait as compensation. Participants must be willing to have their family's portraits displayed in an art gallery, online, and in media. 

Photo sessions will be held on Friday, October 18 & Saturday October 19 in Miami Gardens. 

If you would like to participate, please click here and schedule your session. Please leave all contact  information as Janeris will call you to discuss clothing and any other details or concerns.