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I am an adoption photographer in Miami. What does that mean? It means I understand the process from beginning to end. All adoptions are unique. There is adoption from foster care, family, or an agency. All are unique but have one thing in common, uncertainty. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring when you’re getting ready to adopt. Adoption comes with a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you’re extremely happy and sometimes you can be extremely sad. An adoption photographer understands that it’s not always easy, knows the emotions involved, and caters to your needs.

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Just a little about me, I adopted 2 little girls from foster care. One was adopted in 2016 and the other a year later. I fostered them for their entire lives before the adoption. One of my adoptions was completed in 9 months and the other took 4 years. The adoption that took 4 years kept us on our toes. We thought we would lose her at one point. It was the saddest few days in our entire journey. Thankfully everything turned out in our favor and our little girl is our little ray of sunshine. We are so proud of her. Check out the video we made of her and her sister’s beginning with us.

I began photographing adoptions because it just made sense. This is my life. I’m a foster mom and have been involved in this community for over 5 years. I know that when you’re in the middle of an adoption, dates can change. I know how to navigate the court and around case managers. I have learned about private adoption and kinship care. Being able to be there with you while you go through this amazing journey would be my greatest joy. Just a little warning, you might catch me tearing up while taking your pictures.

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This is my little family, both little ones have a special adoption story. I would love to be the photographer with you every step of yours. To book a free call to see if I can help you throughout your adoption, click here I love talking to people about their stories and I’m looking forward to hearing about yours.

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Janeris Marte

Fun-loving photographer who loves kids