Long-awaited Adoption Day

A little boy in Miami waited 4 years to be adopted by his foster mom. Adoption day photography helped this family make a family album.

This adoption day was a special one. Mom knew how important it was to save those memories. She has waited 4 years to adopt her baby boy, a baby boy she should have never fostered. She became a foster mom only to care for teens. Teens are the hardest to place in a home because they are independent and most times want to follow their own rules and not the rules of the house. She wanted to be that mom that loved and cared for them. Her goal was not to adopt. She definitely didn’t want a one-year-old. But one day she got that call that she was needed. It was a little boy who needed a great home. She stepped up and cared for him. She fought for his rights and his safety. She made sure he was always happy. And then she got the news that she could adopt him. Her excitement was hard to contain. He needed a permanent home. And now he has just that. He is a happy, rambunctious little boy. He loves his momma with all his heart.

On adoption day, he ran up and down the court yelling, “I’m getting adopted!” I love that he is old enough to know what happened and that he loved it. His happy spirit was contagious. Everyone was smiling the entire time. There was a lot going on this day and everything went by so fast, but we captured everything for mom so that she could look over it all later and come back to this emotional day.

We had our partner, StoryTime Productions, filming the day so she could hear the sounds and voices of the day. It was beautiful to see and hear everything that happened with photography and video. Enjoy this beautiful adoption day gallery of a beautiful little boy in Miami becoming a Hill forever and ever.

When I became an adoption photographer, I did it because, families that are adopting rarely think about photography. Every adoption ceremony I see is photographed with their friends’ phones. That is no way to treat one of the most important and emotional days of your lives. Adoption day is a day to celebrate just like a birthday or anniversary. If all you have are phone pictures, eventually, those photos will be hard to find. They are rarely printable, and your kids won’t be able to have those beautiful moments of sitting together looking at their adoption albums.

Video of a special little boy receiving a forever family in Miami

Video by StoryTime Productions

If you’re adopting a child, whether through a private agency or foster care, send us a message. Our team will get back to you right away. We hope to be there to give you the most amazing memories of your adoption day.

Janeris Marte

Fun-loving photographer who loves kids