Getting Children To Their Forever Families


Every year I am a volunteer photographer at Miami Heart Gallery. It's an online exhibit showcasing amazing kids who need forever homes. They call me to photograph the kids because they know how close this is to my heart. These children are so special. They might be part of a large sibling group or are older than the "ideal" age for adoption. They're a little less likely to be adopted. But they really want to be. On this day, they all come to one location and share their stories. They want to impress their future mom or dad. They're hoping someone will see them and fall in love. It is such a beautiful day for them and such an emotional day for me. If you're looking to grow your family through adoption, think about the children in foster care. They need someone special, not perfect. Imagine a family session with an additional family member. It's much easier than you think to start. I've done it. I promise it's a really cool journey. 

If you can't foster or adopt, you can still help in other ways. Without even trying, when you book a session with me, 5% of your order goes directly to foster teens. If you feel you would like to give but don't know how, here's your chance. 



Janeris Marte

Fun-loving photographer who loves kids