3 Ways To Celebrate Adoption Day

Ways to celebrate adoption day in south florida. Miami, fort lauderdale, orlando adoption day celebration.

Adoption Day is one of the most magical and emotional days in an adoptive family’s life. You spend weeks preparing. You send out invites to family and friends and hope they can be there to support you. You make special t-shirts for everyone to wear. And smiles never leave your faces as you walk into the courtroom. There are many things you can do to make the actual ceremony special. We had Disney’s Elena of Avalor attend our ceremony because my daughter really loved her and they have the same name. Something that I would always make sure to have at an adoption ceremony is a photographer and videographer. With all the emotions of adoption day, there are so many moments you’ll forget if you don’t get great pictures of them. Friends try to take pictures with their phones but it’s not always printable. This is a day you’ll want to have printed, either into an album or into a picture for a frame.

After adoption day, you may want to get together and do something special. Living in Miami there are always things to do.

Janeris Studios photographs castle at Magic Kingdom during Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas as she celebrates her daughter’s adoption.
  1. Disney. It’s the most magical place on Earth. And when you adopt, it really is magic. For us it’s about 3-4 hours away. But no matter where in the world you are, Disney is always worth it. Disney has something called Magical Moments. It’s where cast members do something special randomly for guests. They do it to make them smile. They aren’t obligated to do anything special for anyone. But seeing people’s faces light up sometimes makes them feel so good that they may be guilty of doing more magical moments than they should. Here’s the catch. You can’t ask for a magical moment. It’s completely random and has to be initiated by a cast member. When we celebrated at Magic Kingdom, we had buttons that said we were celebrating our adoption day. You get those special buttons at the front entrance. A cast member got word and they called over a photographer to give us a photo session by Cinderella’s castle once the fireworks started. As we were having our pictures taken, another cast member brought us some Stitch stuffed animals. They brought Stitch because of the movie’s main idea of family or “Ohana.” My girls saved those stuffed animals as their main reminder of the most magical trip ever. Later in the evening, we received a couple of certificates towards whatever item in one of their stores. We were gifted Mickey light-up necklaces and popcorn. I don’t think that this is the norm. It may have been a special day for us and I have a feeling someone told the higher ups about us. But hey, it’s Disney. I’m sure it’ll be magical regardless.


2. Beach day.

Living in South Florida has its perks. Sunshine all year and you can be at the beach as much as you’d like. If you live in Miami, Hollywood, or Fort Lauderdale, and love sand and sea, you’re no stranger to the joys of our beaches. Celebrating such a sweet memory on the beach brings so much happiness. We do this every year as our adoption anniversary. We think about how grateful we are to have 2 beautiful, healthy little girls. We watch them play in the sand, run around, eat sandy snacks, and run in and out of the water. Celebrating your child’s adoption day at the beach is so much fun. Bring snacks or lunch and make it a picnic. Just eat before the kids start playing or EVERYTHING will be covered in sand. Bring family and friends or just keep it intimate and admire your new forever life together. Make sure to soak it all in. Don’t just watch the kids play, bring things to do that will connect you. Play games that your kids will love. If you have younger kids, they’ll just love it if you make sand castles with them. With older kids, maybe a football or volleyball will help you bond. What matters is that you take part in activities with your kids so that they know that they’re home with you forever.

3. Throw a PARTY! There are so many awesome party ideas to celebrate adoption day. Whether celebrating on the actual time of the adoption or as a yearly tradition, having a party is never a bad thing. There are some articles that state that throwing a party is insensitive. They state how throwing a party shows you’re celebrating the severance of their biological family. I disagree. Throwing a party shows how happy you are that they’re here. It’s an opportunity to give your child something he or she may have never gotten before. It’s a day that you can make as special as you want. You can have a special outfit and fun gifts to celebrate. If you’ve adopted internationally, maybe include food from his/her home. A really cool idea is getting stuffed animals or dolls and have kids “adopt” one. Hold a ceremony and give each child an adoption certificate. Invite friends and family and enjoy!

No matter what you do to celebrate, your kids now have a forever family. And if they are older, they’ve probably wanted nothing more than to be loved by someone forever. Enjoy each other. For party ideas, check out my Pinterest board. What are other ways you celebrated your adoption? Post in the comments below.

Did you know that I’m an adoption photographer? If you’re ready to photograph your family by someone who’s been there and understands your family dynamic, contact me here. I’m in South Florida, but I love to travel!

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