Album Highlight | South Florida Family Photographer

Albums are one of my favorite products in my studio. Maybe it’s because my daughters thank me every time they see theirs. They love the portraits on the wall as well but maybe the fact that they see so many portraits of our family in their albums. They flip through the sturdy pages over and over. I’m happy that the albums hold up to constant tiny hands. Sometimes those hands are sticky and as much as I try to avoid them from touching the albums, they just get touched. Thankfully, they’re easily wiped clean. If we were to ever rush out of the house in an emergency, I’d grab my albums first. Technology changes so quickly and this generation is living with a digitals only lifestyle. You don’t know how important it is to have an album until your hard drive crashes, or the cloud has a glitch, or they stop making computers with floppy disks, CD drives, or USB ports. Giving your kids something tangible to look at of their family builds their confidence.


Since becoming an adoption photographer, I’ve realized how much more important it is for them. Most adopted children have no memories or pictures from their beginning. They don’t usually have baby pictures of themselves or their families. The story many of them remember is whatever you create and show them. Imagine giving them an album as a gift on a birthday or on the anniversary of their adoption day. Tangible portraits help them realize that they are loved.


I’ve always offered albums and have added more amazing albums throughout the years. The benefits of our albums, they’re sturdy and can hold up to lots of use (even from sticky, little hands). They’re custom designed like a storybook. Album can be passed on to your children and grandchildren.


I’ve designed some albums for people who didn’t know what to do with the digitals they got from other photographers. Some sessions were about 8-10 years old and they had never printed a picture. Those clients appreciate their albums the most because the time HAS passed and they get to relive a moment they thought would never be seen again. There are sometimes tears as we go through them together. This makes me so happy. If you’d like me to create an album of an old session or of a new session, click the button below and let’s chat.

Janeris Marte

Fun-loving photographer who loves kids