Adoption Highlight: April Fallon

  • Please tell me a little bit about yourself. Hi my name is April Fallon and I am the host of Adoption Now Podcast, "Telling Your Adoption Story." I am the adoptive mother of 4 kids. I love adoption and always have. I also love being active and traveling. We started the podcast to inspire families to adopt and to provide resources for those involved in adoption whether it be an adoptee, birth parent or adoptive parent.

  • Did you adopt alone or with a partner? What is his/her name? I adopted with my husband, Noah.

  • Were you and your partner on the same page when it comes to adoption or did one of you need convincing? We were the same age and we were both on the same page. I knew I wanted to adopt even before I married him. So he knew I wanted to grow a family through adoption long before I was his wife. It just so happens that his little brother and sister are adopted from Cambodia and Vietnam.

  • How did you adopt? All 4 children are private infant adoptions. one in Colorado and 3 in Florida.

  • How many children have you adopted? What are their names? 4 kids. AJ is 8 years old Lily is 5 years old Vivy is 3 years old Maliyah is 21 months.

  • How and why did you choose adoption? I was born to adopt. My whole life I knew it. I lived 3 years in Uganda, Africa after college and that inspired me even more to pursue adoption.

  • What were your biggest hurdles to adoption day?All the hurdles were there! It was hard financially, it was a lot of paperwork, a lot of traveling, we have had to learn to understand birth parents and agencies. We have had drugs involved with our birth mothers. So we have experienced detoxing a baby. We have had lawyers steal from us. We have said yes to 7 placements, we have had birth mom's change their mind, and we have dealt with attachment issues. It's been a journey.

  • What emotions were you feeling before, on, and after adoption day?I was SO happy! My life was changed by adoption.

  • Would you adopt again? Well....maybe

  • Has the experience been all positive or have there been things that turned you off to adoption process? I think there were things I wish I would have been more educated on.

  • What is the first thing you consciously did as a family after adoption was finalized? We went to eat and celebrated!!

  • Did you take professional pictures of your new family? Yes

  • If you took pictures, how do they make you feel when you see them on your walls? And why would you recommend them to families who have just adopted? I am SO happy when I see my family. We fought hard for this.

  • How is your relationship with biological family? And have they maintained a relationship with your child(ren)? We have an open adoption with our two youngest two. It's always developing but the birth mother is parenting 5 children so its a lot of love and learning.

  • Where do you see your family in 10 years? I see us traveling.

  • How has adoption changed you as a person? That is a huge question! My whole life has changed. I am a better person because of adoption.

  • What would you say to someone contemplating adoption? Do it! But get ready for a huge change.


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