Step 1: 3 Types of Adoptions

Adoption can be intimidating and overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. If you take each step for what it is, Just tackle each step one at a time and eventually you will have climbed the whole staircase to your end goal.

The first step in moving towards adoption is to decide what type of adoption best suits your family


  1. Private adoption is when you adopt a baby from birth after a birth mom decides to place her child up for adoption. You give your information to an agency and wait for a birth mom to choose you for her little one. It can be in the states or Internationally.


  • Brand new baby to bring into your family

  • You get to be there for the process of the pregnancy if mom allows

  • You get to choose if you want to say yes to the child based on parent’s physical and mental health

  • Feels most like a typical start to parenthood


  • Costs $20,000-50,000 for lawyer fees, agency fees, parental support, etc

  • You’re not guaranteed a child because birth parents may change their minds and decide to parent

  • You have to wait until end of the pregnancy to see if you will be able to keep the baby


2. Adoption from foster care adopt a child who currently has no legal guardian besides the state. The child is in a database and you can choose gender, age, race, health condition, etc. These children are usually older than 3 and may or may not have behavioral issues. All records will indicate their current state and you can rest assured that you will have access if you choose this route.


  • You choose a child and process begins right away

  • You are saving a child from “aging out” of the system, which means they won’t be parentless when they turn 18.

  • You get to choose any child you want that you feel fits well in your family

  • You can have an older child and skip the diaper, toddler, and newborn crying phase

  • Cost is minimal from $0-1000


  • Children are older and if you wanted a baby, you’ll have less chances of finding a match.

  • Children may take a little longer to adjust to their new home depending on their background


3. Foster To Adopt is when you foster a child and eventually adopt him/her. You have to become a foster parent. It’s technically not a real term because you learn that as a foster parent, the ultimate goal is to reunify the child with his parent. If the parents’ rights are terminated, and you have the child for over 6 months, you have the opportunity to adopt.


  • You get to take the time to get to know each other before adoption day.

  • You can work on getting services like therapy or any necessary medical attention with help from case managers

  • The children have special benefits. In Florida, children get a small monthly stipend, health insurance, and college paid

  • Cost is minimal from $0-100


  • You may have your heart broken a few times when your children are reunified with parents

  • There are many court hearings

  • The process can last 5 years or more before finalization

  • Case managers are at your house every month to check on the child

  • There is a lot of paperwork and training

  • You have no rights. The judge focuses on reunification before any thought of adoption ever comes up

No matter what way you choose, you’ll see that this will be the most amazing thing you do in your life. Adopting a child will change your life forever. Your sense of gratitude is magnified when you think of the entire process and everything it entails. Some people think you are blessing the child but you end up being the one truly transformed. I chose to photograph these special families because of the unique connections we make with our kids. If you are ready to take that step into adoption, I’d love to help. If you’ve already taken that step and want to capture your adoption ceremony, meeting, or just a simple family session at home, click here to book a free consultation to discuss options or send me a message here

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Janeris Marte

Fun-loving photographer who loves kids