3 Tips For Taking Iphone Pics Of Your Kids


Who's guilty of taking way too many pictures of their little ones? *Insert raising hand emoji here* I've had to purchase more storage for my phone than I'd like to admit. But they're just so cute and I don't want to miss out on any moments because they grow so fast. Soon they'll be in college and I want to have lots of pics of them while they still let me take them. That's my justification and I'm sticking to it. The beauty of our phone camera is that it's quick, easy, always with us, it doesn't have to be perfect. 

I'm a photographer and I can get some pretty cool snaps of my kids with or without my ginormous camera. But that doesn't mean you can't do it too with just your cell.  


1. Get down to their level.

Make sure camera is parallel with their eyes. Being too high makes them look distorted. I know, you never noticed that. Their smiles stole the show. But focusing directly on their eyes gives you the best, most natural look at them. Their faces should be the main focus. 

kid pics 8.JPG
BONUS TIP: Shoot with the sun behind your kids instead of in front and you'll get really cool light on their hair. 

BONUS TIP: Shoot with the sun behind your kids instead of in front and you'll get really cool light on their hair. 

If you shoot from above, you make them look shorter and their head will be bigger than their feet. They will also be in an unnatural position and it shows. There are exceptions but for the most part, stay at their level to get the most natural-looking pictures of them. As moms, we want our bodies to look smaller so shooting from above is the "skinny trick" that works wonders for us. If you haven't tried it, definitely do. But our kids don't need the skinny trick. Shooting from below you'll make them look taller but the main focus is on the bottom half of their bodies. This is how models are photographed to get the majority of attention on their clothes and to make them look taller. 

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EXCEPTIONS: If the floor makes a cool, plain,  or interesting background. 

EXCEPTIONS: If the floor makes a cool, plain,  or interesting background. 

2. Have kids face the light but not the sun. 

Have you ever said or heard that the best way to take a picture is by having your kids directly facing the sun? When you do that you get horrible squinting. Then you get the whining. "Mom, I can't open my eyes!" "Mom, I don't want to take pictures!" "Mom, I'm dying!" Yada, yada, yada.

KID PICS 15.jpg

To avoid all that drama that'll make you regret your decision, find an area with a little shade above them. Then face your babies towards the main light. If the sun or light is coming from the left, have them face left. If it's coming from the right, they face the right. 


3. Don't wait for them to say cheese. 

Smiles are awesome but not always available. If you have a 2-year-old you know what I mean. They don't need to smile for you to get a good picture of them. Let them play, look away, or do whatever else they do. Just grab the moment. Waiting for a smile will just frustrate you and you may miss a great moment. Just get down at their level and shoot their awesome adventures. Throughout my website you'll see a good amount of pictures where I just let the kids play or do whatever they wanted. They make for great pictures and show their personalities.  

KID PICS 10.jpg

Overall, have fun with your crazies. It doesn't matter how you take their pictures as long as you take them and PRINT them. I'll go over how to properly do that in my next blog post. But Just enjoy them because they really do grow up too quickly. Time will fly by and you'll wonder where it all went. Don't wait for a special photo shoot with a professional photographer to get those memories. Print amazing pictures of your kids all the time. For those moments where you decide that you'd like to have more than just a cellphone snap, I'll be here. 



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