I'm Janeris. I've been a photo-journalist in Miami since FOREVER! Kids make me melt and they are the main reason I do what I do. My husband and I became foster parents and it’s where I truly realized the importance of getting pictures of your computer and onto your walls. I learned the value of relationships seeing the little ones that come into my home. They come in grasping a picture of a loved one and it just tears me up inside. Do you know how privileged you are to have a healthy family? Apparently not everyone has that. This is what drives my mission. I want all children to feel loved and have found that having a printed portrait seems to do that.

When an older child comes into my home with a printed picture of a family member, and displays it with pride, I see the joy and hope in their eyes. It's why I do what I do. Your children deserve to see themselves on the walls and in albums and not just on Facebook. I know, you'll eventually get around to it. But I can help take care of that right now. Let's chat and meet for coffee so I can wow you with the most amazing wall art you've ever seen. I'm telling you, they're gorgeous... just like your family!



Every time you choose to have a Janeris Studios session, you're also helping teens in foster care celebrate their sweet sixteens with a photo session of their own through A Sweet Chance. I've made it my mission to get printed portraits into your home and in theirs. Let's chat to see how we can get some super fun pictures on your walls. 

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I LOVE kids!

I'm a foster mom

I was a photojournalist for 11 years at the Sun-Sentinel

Satin is my favorite fabric and I carry a ribbon with me at all times

People know me for my clean-eating lifestyle

My family is from the Dominican Republic and I speak Spanish fluently

Jesus is my hero

I have been a photographer for over 20 years

I overuse hashtags #allthetime

I'm an advocate for printing pictures #printyourphotos