At the age of 26, I was told by doctors that I should never attempt to get pregnant. I’ve always loved kids and couldn’t accept that as my fate. My husband and I decided that becoming foster parents would allow us to fulfill that desire while helping children who truly needed us. Becoming a foster mom helped me discover my God-given purpose to becoming an adoption photographer

After adopting my 2 beautiful girls from foster care, I want nothing more than to show them how loved they are. It’s important for them and all children to know that they are loved and wanted. As a foster mom, I’ve seen how a simple wallet-sized picture of a child’s biological family can calm them down after being dropped off to live with a stranger. I know the impact a large family portrait can make when a child who’s been adopted sees it hanging on their living room wall. There is nothing like a child going through a family album and seeing beautiful portraits of himself playing and laughing with his parents and siblings. I love going to the hospital to document that first encounter between mommy and baby as they meet for the first time in a newborn adoption. And I love joining families at their courthouse adoption ceremony when they’re finally ending their time in foster care to begin their new life of permanency. Whether your adoption is in Miami or anywhere in Florida, I have a true passion to photograph your family.

Having been a photographer for over 20 years I have found my greatest passion and mission is capturing the emotions and special nature of adoptions. I take joy in being the leading Miami Adoption photography studio. Your children deserve to see themselves on the walls and in albums and not just on Facebook. I can help take care of that right now. Let's chat and meet for coffee. I’m so excited to meet you!



Sitting Fee $250

All artwork and imagery purchased separately

Adoption Ceremonies and Events start at $600

All artwork and imagery purchased separately


Every client of Janeris Studios is a foster teen’s hero. When you book a session, you're helping teens in foster care celebrate their sweet sixteens with a photo session of their own through A Sweet Chance. I've made it my mission to get printed portraits into your home and in theirs. Let's chat to see how we can get some super fun pictures on your walls. 

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I LOVE kids!

I'm a foster mom

I was a photojournalist for 11 years at the Sun-Sentinel

Satin is my favorite fabric and I carry a ribbon with me at all times

People know me for my clean-eating lifestyle

My family is from the Dominican Republic and I speak Spanish fluently

Jesus is my hero

I have been a photographer for over 20 years

I overuse hashtags #allthetime

I'm an advocate for printing pictures #printyourphotos